Let there be grass!

Yesterday my dreams came true. We finished our backyard. It has grass to play on and a patio to grill on and grow boxes for bluebonnets and a salsa garden....it is my dream. I literally had tears of joy in my eyes as I peaked out the window and watched them laying the sod. It is a beautiful, glorious sight!! Praises and halleluiahs to my hubby who worked his trash off back there for months. It has been incredible to see the transformation and how many hours and hours and hours something like this takes. I took pictures every step of the way just in case I ever forget what a process it was. Most importantly, HUGE thank yous to all our friends, family and neighbors. You pulled out all the stops and we cashed in every favor we had, we couldn't have done it without you! showering gratitude in order of appearance:

Evan Fox- Babe. You rock.
Christian Fox- for building our grow boxes with Evan and for kicking off the whole process!
Brandon Fox- for being our over-the-phone landscaping expert and tutor
Grandpa Hutch- for teaching Evan how to prep and frame for a concrete pour, for letting us borrow your tools including a 1972 skill saw, and for stopping by on the reg just to tell us its "looking good"
Ki Jensen- for assisting and encouraing the concrete prep work, for moving fill drt, and for letting Parker get filthy with Winston in the mud piles
Scott, Anna, & Joshua Barclay- for temporarily adopting Winston and generously sharing your trampoline for all those hours he was outside "helping Daddy"
Josh Tigard & Company- for letting us borrow all your tools and for a screaming deal on the beautiful concrete job!
Mr. KSL- for bringing us 38 yards of fill dirt for another screaming deal
Dad Fox- for building the retaining wall with Evan and for letting us borrow your truck to haul brick and top soil
Brad Weber- for letting us borrow your truck to pick up yet again more brick
Dad Hutch- for wheel barrow operation while moving fill dirt, very fitting for you I'd say
Maclane Heward- more fill dirt work and wheel barrow operation (YALL THERE WAS A LOT OF DIRT OKAY)
Brother Wilkinson- for finishing the corners of our retaining wall with your skill saw... NOT circa 1972
Brother Lee- for all your sprinkler knowledge, equipment, and hard work
The Lone Peak Seminary staff including Brothers Harper, Line, Black, and Fillmore- for hauling sod with a minivan and bringing the blessed green stuff to rest at last. 

Wanna see????

Picking up the window well covers... the first of many, many times we wished we owned a truck during this process. The Jetta handled it like a champ.

Building beautiful cedar grow boxes... which will be put to use next summer I promise!

 Working on getting things leveled out for a patio...

 Framework finished...

 Pouring the concrete....

 let it set....
reinstall Air Conditioning....

start in on the retaining wall...

 And build....and bring in dirt... and build... and bring in dirt... and repeat...
finish the corners with the help of a toy saw...

deep breath.... one more row of brick....

 now fill it in.... for days and days and days...

flag, dig trenches, put together sprinkler system, install sprinkler system.....

 Move more dirt.... top soil over the sprinkler system...

And finally bring on the green stuff!!

 LOOK AT IT!!!! 
Cry tears of joy, do a happy dance, stare out the window over and over....


 And then celebrate this guy with his very first grill and a yummy steak dinner on the patio!

 Please come over and play baseball and eat BBQ with us every day for the rest of the summer.


  1. You'll have to read my comment to Ev... SO PROUD!!! I understand all the freakin work that went into it and it's GORGEOUS! I shall be over for a BBQ next week sometime, so pick the day!!

  2. It looks AMAZING! You guys worked SO hard. Let's have a party!

  3. It looks AMAZING! You guys worked SO hard. Let's have a party!


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