Happy 28!

Happy happy birthday to my oldest child and very favorite person! But seriously I am mad about this guy. Here are some of my favorite memories with you over the past year:

1. The time you were twitter "famous"

2. When the Giant's won the World Series and you did this:

4. How you can never remember the definitions of the words "rumbler" "rambler" and "romper" and use them interchangeably in the most embarrassing contexts.

5.When you had Grandma embroider some DI jerseys for your faculty basketball team that said "Fishers Of Men"

6. Your side commentary on Winston's bedtime stories... particularly the time you got annoyed at how unrealistic is was that Mason the talking teddy bear flew on a flamingos back... because the flamingo flight was the unrealistic part?

7. When you made these at work and brought them home to help us improve our temple worship

8. Oh and that little thing you built called the backyard.

Thanks for being the man of my dreams more and more every year!