Cosette: 12 Months

 Happy birthday baby girl! Cosette has entered my favorite stage, watching a one year old waddle around and discover the world is just too much cuteness for me to handle. Cosette is a happy, very particular, mamas girl and still prefers to be in my pocket over anywhere else, although now that she's more mobile I can see some budding independence. I have truly wished so many times this past year that I was a kangaroo with somewhere to put her. Cosette went through a huge growth spurt right after I weaned her in early August and hit a bunch of milestones all at once, which in hind sight has me wondering about my milk supply but oh well. She is now clapping her hands, giving the sweetest kisses you could ever dream of, she says dad {DA!}, mama, ni-night, bye, thankyou,and "cheese" for the camera which is my personal favorite, such a girl. She got her two top teeth this past month and has the sweetest snaggle-toothed grin. She's still no fun to be around when she's hungry so we're working real hard on baby sign language to make meal time more bearable. She does insist on blowing on all her food though before she eats it, even if its a banana, to make sure its not hot. That's kind of adorable. She loves to find tiny pieces of trash, the smaller the better, on the floor, at the park, anywhere really and brings them over to me proudly. Her hair continues to struggle but after a little bit of a shave the mullet is starting to look a little more under control. She loves animals and barks anytime she sees or hears a dog, she and Winston love to sit at our neighbors fence and watch their three dogs play. She's darling with stuffed animals, loves to snuggle them and kiss them and another favorite activity is bouncing on the trampoline, it elicits the very best giggles!
17 lbs 4 oz 13th %tile (!!!)
26.75 inches  1st %tile
Diapers- she'll be in size 3 as soon as we finish off this pack
Clothes- 12 months 

Favorite Things:
Stride Rite shoes- I just love the way these things are built. Winston had them for his first pair of shoes too and they look adorable while helping instead of hindering the walking process.

Poppy Lane & Co bracelets- Cos had a tiny pearl bracelet when she was born and she's long outgrown it. She has some sliver and gold bangles I've been waiting to hand down to her but its going to be awhile before they fit and I just missed seeing a little sparkle on her all the time. Plus she discovered this random old strand of Mardi Gras beads in Winston's room and has been wearing them around proudly so this was a definite upgrade. This is my friend's company and they are beautiful and great quality.

Image of Clear Crystal + 14k Gold Bracelet


Sibling Moments:
By 5:00 the babies are tired of me and ready for Dad to get home so we go on walks and this is one of their favorite stops, Win parks his bike in the tunnel and Cosette wants out of the stroller and I play music while they dance next to the notes on the wall. I love them.