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On this the 4th Day of October in....

1535- The first complete English translation of the Bible was printed in Zurich, Switzerland. 

 1822-Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th president of the United States, was born in Delaware, Ohio.

 1927 -The first actual work of carving began on Mount Rushmore.
1957 - The space age began as The Soviet Union launched Sputnik I into orbit around the Earth. 

 1992 - The 16-year civil war in Mozambique ended.

 2001 - Barry Bonds (San Francisco Giants) hit his 70th home run of the season to tie Mark McGwire's record. 

and last but not least.....

2015- Winston Michael Fox completed one solid week of potty training and was officially bestowed the honor of wearing underwear on a daily basis.

Tips/notes I found useful and may want to review for future babies:
  • "WAIT as long as humanly possible to potty train, there is nothing worse than trying to train a child who is not ready." I started feeling the pressure to get Winston out of diapers last spring and this is the advice I got from all my go to mamas- don't do it. Ha. I'm so glad I listened to them. I was even ready to wait until after Christmas but last week Winston started going into the bathroom and pretending to use the toilet and wash his hands a few times a day so I knew he was interested. Plus his diaper would be dry for hours at a time and then all the sudden it would be full and leaking so I knew he was waiting to go to the bathroom until he felt it was convenient. Bingo, game time.
  • "Don't give up too quickly, give it a solid three days before you decide if you should continue or quit." Well even after knowing he could do it, the first 24 hours of potty training had me seriously questioning if he ever would do it and I was literally in tears. 
  • "It's a learning process." They're going to have accidents. The goal of potty training is not to prevent all accidents. The goal of potty training is to teach your child what it feels like to have to go to the bathroom, how to do so properly, and what happens when you wait too long. At the beginning of the week every "accident" stressed me out, I thought it was a failure and meant we were losing the battle. Then I realized letting him fail was a crucial element of this whole experience- and I got to pay for it in the form of laundry and carpet cleaning and lysol wipes. And will continue to do so I am sure- I am under no illusion that we are completely "potty trained."
  • Start naked- Winston can tell much easier when its time to go if he's nude. We're graduating to underwear now but at first he just thought it was like a diaper and would use it as such. Ew.
  • Let him be in charge- I do believe this is the battle I will fight until this guy moves out of my house. I downloaded an app that had a potty timer and it played music when it was time to go sit on the toilet and then you got to play a little game if you went. Hello? It was made for Win. He loved the music and the games but he was infuriated by the timer. If I ever suggested he sit on the toilet and try to go he would have a complete melt down. If I kept my mouth shut and let him decide on his own, he'd do everything by himself, have no accidents, and not even request a treat or a game. But its really hard to trust your not even three year old with being in charge okay!
  • Make it a routine. The first couple days were pretty rough but you've gotta get through them so they know this is the new normal, we aren't going back to diapers. We stayed home a lot and only went on quick outings to nearby places when we really needed to. And he just wore his underwear to make sure he could make it on time if we had an emergency so sorry to the city of Cedar Hills for my nudist but you do what you gotta do.
  • Just throw it away. Sometimes you can wash those undies. Sometimes you say no thanks and don't feel bad.


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