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Evan has been up to some pretty exciting things lately, one of which was presenting his Gospel Library App learning module at the LDS tech conference. You can watch his presentation here (if you're my mom) or you can use his tutorial to give your scripture study skills some serious oomph here (if you have any interest in going beyond reading and highlighting). Another big project we're working on lately is his PhD application. It's kind of surreal as just three short years ago we threw around the idea of a PhD like it was a pipe dream. As we've discussed his GPA, writing sample, and letters of recommendation I decided I might as well contribute a little bit on my own. I'll let Evan decide whether or not to include this in his application!

To whom it may concern:

I am pleased to recommend Mr. Evan Fox for the position of PhD candidate in the Instructional Psychology and Technology program at Brigham Young University. I am a partner and CFO of Evan's growing company "Foxes Four". I began working on projects with Evan in 2009 and have been one of his instructors since 2010 when he enrolled in my class "How to be a Husband." The class focuses on developing skills in dealing with high stakes conflicts, requires extensive research and understanding of The Good Word (God, 2,000 BC), and demands creativity in the form of weekly assignments referred to as The Date Night. Evan has made exceptional contributions throughout the course including key projects Winston (2012) and more recently Cosette (2014). I would without question rank Evan Fox as my number 1 student and can confidently state that he will be an asset to your program.

Overall, Evan is impressively dedicated and also is an excellent strength to group projects. His recent work on Potty Training demonstrated his abilities to understand his students capabilities, and his skills in motivating them to improve performance when they lack interest. Evan also presented The Backyard earlier this year which displayed his unique abilities to turn a vision into a reality.

Evan's writing skills will truly be a benefit to Brigham Young University. He regularly turns in Text Messages and Love Notes which I have saved as sample work to show to students of other professors who are in need of guidance. Even more impressive that his writing, are his verbal presentations where he makes the case for things such as A Family Dog or The New Apple TV. While these suggestions are still under consideration, this is simply a budgetary limitation an no reflection on his persuasive argument skills as they are top notch.

On a personal level, Evan is pleasant and disciplined. His current courses require countless extra hours of research and he is almost always the last student in the building, and back again before anyone else in the morning. He takes joy in his learning and even more joy in sharing his knowledge with anyone who may benefit. Often during our conference meetings at The Dinner Table he will make observations based on his coursework that provide solutions to issues with staff such as Temper Tantrums.

Over the past five years Evan has shown an unparalleled commitment to the program and has continued to improve and develop as a student. It is with utmost assurance that I recommend him to be admitted to the Instructional Psychology and Technology doctorate as he will show this same level of loyalty to his professors and colleagues alike.


Kamille Fox


  1. Hello Kamille, I live in Sydney Australia, and I watched Evan's presentation at the LDSTechConference after following a link on the LDS.org home page. I did a quick search to see how to contact him. I have left a message on the Lone Peak seminary Facebook page, and I will just leave a message here as a back-up if you don't mind. I am interested in accessing the Gospel Library training module for members of our ward. I wondered if you could pass this message on to Evan for me? He will be able to respond to me via the Facebook page. Many thanks - you have a beautiful family!!


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