Mom's Birthday

We went to Texas last week to celebrate one extra special lady- my mom was turning 50! She's not thrilled about the number but I keep telling her we wouldn't have all these people we love in our family without her being that age, especially the granbabies. I really wanted to make this birthday something worthy of the Milestone number so I got together with all my siblings and we each recorded our 10 favorite memories of my mom and made her a video. 50 memories for her 50th bday! It's an hour long so basically she's the only one who will ever watch it BUT it's pretty cool and posted in the sidebar for her to see again and again. We also had these wooden silhouettes made of each of us and I am coveting them... Well some of my own babes not of myself and siblings. But a birthday is never a birthday without a party! So we had a little family shindig at Uncle Julios complete with a Diet Coke birthday toast. I hope we made her feel spectacular because that's what she is. The rest of the week was spent playing with the cousins in the Texas sunshine and I request we keep this tradition going because it certainly is a happy one.


  1. These 50th birthday party photos are awesome! Glad that you had a great time in the party. We had so much fun on my mom’s birthday. My brother arranged this party at one of her favorite party venues and had hired a planner.


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