Preschool Playdates

I got together with a few of my neighbor friends this year and organized a preschool co-op. Every Tuesday from 10-12:30 our boys rotated houses and learned some new things, but more importantly (at least in Winston's eyes) got to pack a lunch and play with friends. Luckily one of my friends had done it before with her older children so the topics list was already made, but it still takes some creativity to figure out how to teach three-year olds! Props to all the preschool teachers out there! I felt like I would always either over-plan or under-plan, but one of my favorite topics was Martin Luther King Day where we cracked brown eggs and white eggs into a bowl and talked about how they were both the same on the inside, I was kind of dying but of course the four little boys were loving it! I recently read Teaching your Children Joy and loved everything about it, so I am excited to try again next year with the official "Joy School" curriculum.


  1. Being a teacher at a Phoenix kindergarten I agree that environment at a pre-kindergarten or any other education academy should be entertaining in which kids can learn new things easily. You have created a similar environment for these kids I must say.


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