Cosette: 20 Months

Sweetheart has turned spunky! My little lady still loves me best and is happiest on my hip but she's starting to hold her own with her brother and has grown a little attitude. She started this fun phase lately where she would gag herself if you made her really mad, like the time I left her in nursery for 15 minutes so I could do singing time with the older kids. Purposely through up, what a stinker! She knows what she wants and she will tell you about it. She still loves food and would eat all day long if I let her, favorites include scrambled eggs and quesadillas and she constantly needs a cup of "bah-ter" (water) which baffles me every time she asks... I can never remember she says it with a "b". She takes great naps and sleeps perfectly through the night, she's the easiest child you will ever put to bed, just lay her down in her crib and that's it! She has the daintiest long fingers and the way she tucks her blanket up over her nose before dosing off makes my momma heart melt. She's got a great "shoulder shake shimmy" that she does when she and Win are dancing together, its so funny how they come up with these moves all on their own. Cosette is really fun to take places because she's easily impressed, especially if she doesn't have her brother around distracting her. She is a little daredevil at the park and the pool, she doesn't want your help and tries things that even make Winston nervous still. She is quite the talker and loves to try out big words with lots of syllables. She likes to sneak off to my neighbor's trampoline and will go to the back door demanding "shoes on outside" until I oblige. Swinging, and balloons, and puppies thrill her but getting her nose wiped is the end of the world which is unfortunate since she seems to have a never ending cold. We do little scripture devotionals in the morning and she loves to sing along to the primary songs, her favorites are "Temple" (I love to see the temple) and "Of God" (I am a Child of God).

18 Month Stats:
21 lbs
Size 3 Diapers
Clothes 18-24 mos
Shoes 4.5

Favorite Things:

Each Peach Pear Plum- I'm so glad she's fallen in love with her birthday book! She wants to read it every naptime and every bedtime story she gets.

Mom + Food- I have a little dinner helper! Her two obsessions all in one place... she just can't resist.

Minnie Mouse- still all things Minnie but she's got a particular outfit from H&M that she wears probably twice a week.


Sibling Moments:
These two have a two steps forward, one and a half steps backwards progression in their relationship. I can confidently say there are times they will disappear for an hour playing together, but then there are other days where they just take turns teasing and screaming back and forth. It makes for really frustrating tough days but the happiest hearts on the good ones,