Purdue Graduation

We tried really hard not to make it to West Lafayette this weekend. We parked at the wrong bus stop, arrived to find those record breaking security lines you've been hearing about, begged our way to the front only to be detained by Evan's gun shaped belt buckle, sprinted barefoot to not figuratively but literally the furthest gate in the entire airport, and ended up sitting alone drenched in sweat but by gosh we got there!

This weekend will always be a treasured memory for me. I am so glad we made the decision to go out to Indiana to celebrate the end of a little era for our family. Evan's program was pretty quick- only 21 months long- but with him working full time and me with two toddlers at home plus squeezing in shifts where I could, it was the definition of exhausting. He was gone for 12 hours every week day and around 6 hours on Saturdays. The best part of it though was that he LOVED his schooling. It brought an excitement to his voice and got his creative juices flowing like nothing he's ever encountered. I have to say I'm relieved we'll have a break for a little while but I don't think the feeling is mutual. When we walked in to the reception with his cohort and he disappeared to chat with his professors, I knew. It's not over for him yet.

 Both of our parents were so generous to come and celebrate with us which made it that much sweeter. We feel so lucky to have their love, support, encouragement, and advice. Plus having my dad and Marilyn there to rearrange that dang hood all day long was so very entertaining! The campus is gorgeous, the people are warm, and his accomplishment is noteworthy. Purdue felt like an instant home to me, and who knows maybe it will be someday.


Congratulations babe! Now let's hunt down that PhD.