Memorial Day

 Evan suggested we go visit some of our ancestors' graves this year for Memorial Day and I thought it was a really sweet idea. He gifted me one of these family history charts for Mother's Day a couple weeks ago and as I was typing in the names to order mine I was again overwhelmed with the excitement of geneology research. Who were all these people, really? What happened during their lives? I've got a plan. I want to hang one of these fans in each of our children's rooms and I want to be able to tell them at least one story about every single name on the chart. These people are our roots, drink it in deep.

We headed down to the Springville City Cemetery to see the graves of Thomas Martell and his wife Eliza. As it so happens, they were pretty instrumental in establishing the city way back when. There was also a Memorial Day service going on which gave us a cool opportunity to talk to our babes about this country we call home. A couple days later, Winston went to the movie drawer and pulled out Evan's copy of Captain America. He placed it on top of the entertainment center and said "This guy died for our country, mom." Haha! Close enough, kid.

 Intently listening to dad's story: Thomas C. Martell was promised in his Patriarchal blessing that he would have power over the elements. On his way to Europe during one of his many missions, the ship they were sailing on got caught in a vicious storm and was about to be lost at sea. Thomas was sleeping but his companion woke him up and asked him to pray for their lives. Thomas hit his knees and asked God to stop the storm and in response to his prayer the seas calmed and they were able to continue their journey safely.

I'm excited to continue this tradition in our family. We are lucky enough right now to live in an area where we can visit family members' grave sites anytime, but it's something I want to make a priority no matter where we are. I was really proud of how these littles did in a busy cemetary too, so a picnic and pool day were in order to finish the celebrations.