Salamander Flats

It's always so helpful for me to do a "practice run" to prepare for our big Fox Family camping trip at the end of July. This time the four of us drove up American Fork Canyon and snagged a downright breathtaking spot at Salamander Flats. It's the first time in two years we have dared to go camping with our babes and it was pretty much my favorite day of Winston's life to date. He was such a doll, putting his arms up in the air and yelling "I made it to the summit!" at the end of our hike, thanking Daddy over and over and over for bringing him camping, telling us how excited he was to see the stars because "they are so beautiful!" Man he's a gem.

Things We Forgot:
- Pull ups
-Allergy medication
-Roasting sticks
-Hand sanitizer
-Memory Card

Things We Remembered:
-Hot dogs
-Hiking Boots
-Curious George Goes Camping book
-Baby wipes
-Bug spray

Things We Found:
-51 dandelions
-A lucky horse shoe
-A snake
-Lots of places to wear dirt
-The first star of the night


  1. Cute post! and love the pics. How did you get to that spot exactly if you remember? We'd like to go there soon before the season ends and it just looks so lush in your photos♥


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