It's gonna be purple!

Every time we mentioned Cosette's birthday to her in the last few weeks, she just kept telling me in her tiny voice brimming with excitement, "It's gonna be purple!" Girlfriend loves the color purple. When she's standing on her stool helping me make dinner every night, she'll raw eat onions off the cutting board just because they are purple. We were pretty excited to celebrate our little charmer.  I brought home a dozen balloons, hung streamers from every corner, and wrapped the gigantic pile of gifts her grandparents sent in pure purple paper. When she woke up the next morning and saw the living room in all it's violet glory, she gasped, "It's a birfday!" Nailed it. The other required ingredient to make all her 2 year old dreams come true was sprinkles so we got to work ASAP on those pancakes.

Cosette has Evan wrapped tight around her finger. We got the kids a swing set for their birthdays this year and he was adamant that it be finished on the morning of her birthday, which was tough since it didn't arrive until the afternoon before. He was out in our backyard with a head lamp and a drill pseudo-swearing under his breath until 1 am. I'm sure our new neighbors were thrilled but by golly he finished it shortly after pancakes and the kids spent the entire day on it.

It was a very sweet and simple day. Family breakfast, opening gifts, hours outside on the swing set, then playing with all her new princess toys with the Disney music playing in the background. She crashed hard at naptime and woke up to a Mac n Cheese dinner and chocolate cupcakes with purple frosting... and of course more sprinkles. She made us sing "You've had a birthday, shout hooray!" at least six times and asked for "More fire" over and over and over. We had a church opening social that night so clearly she figured the party was for her and she got to draw with chalk and play with hula-hoops... but she did keep asking me where all the purple went. We finished off the night watching her birthday video and reading this year's birthday book- two of our favorite traditions.