Labor Day Weekend

We picked up our mini van and drove that baby hot off the lot on it's first road trip. I'd been waffling on the mini van idea for a year. Yes I want one, no I'm not old enough, man it would be nice to have the space, no we don't really need one yet I'm just being spoiled, etc. Well, we sold the Jetta in May and were playing around with the idea of being a one car family for a minute. We spent a lot of time road tripping in the Camry this past summer and let me tell you there was no room to breathe, it became clear that if we were going to have one car, the Camry wasn't going to be it. That combined with the fact that I took a positive pregnancy test for baby #3 the day we bought our Odyssey sold me hard and it is truly my dream car. I feel like I really earned my Mommy wings that day and we now do preschool drop offs and offer people rides without a second thought. Driving a 10 hour road trip solo with two toddlers in a new car on new roads though was admittedly biting off a little more than I could chew. I was just so excited by the prospect of finally being a "drive-able distance" from my parents and getting to see my favorite big brother all at once that I didn't stop to evaluate how tough it would be. I couldn't stop shaking for a couple hours after arriving in the dark and rain from the windy Pennsylvania streets, praise heaven for that DVD player in my mini that kept the kids happy!! Luckily Evan was flying in a few days later and drove home with us so that simplified the stress of it a lot.

Meet baby Jonas! He is a miracle baby and my first nephew on my side of the family. I was so spoiled having a brother one year older than me to grow up all the way through college with, and I ache to see his family more. It was such a treat to spend the weekend with them!

We spent the first day there playing in the Brandywine River just a short walk from my parents house.

Another big draw for our visit was the Open House for the Philadelphia Temple. It is beautiful and they did a very cool job at incorporating the colonial history of the city in the architecture and interior design. The kids did oookaay... someday they'll know this is the most important place on earth. For now we'll just keep singing the song!

My cousins from DC came to visit for a day as well and it thrills Winston any time he has "friends" to play with. My mom is the greatest hostess and we can't wait to get back.


  1. Mini van life is the best. And congrats on the pregnancy!!

  2. Mini van life is the best. And congrats on the pregnancy!!


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