Lemons AND Marshmallows

Someone in our family is having a particularly difficult time using kind words lately. After an especially difficult/embarrassing day where we had to actually leave the park because we couldn't be nice to the other kids, I was feeling exhausted. I went to my room and got on my knees and prayed for some guidance, it was Monday so I wanted a family night lesson that was really going to create a lasting impression of the importance of speaking nicely. Instantly an idea come to my head and I got to work. That night I brought out a plate filled with marshmallows and lemon wedges. We talked about the difference between kind words and mean words and shared some examples. Then everyone had to taste a lemon slice so they knew how sour mean words taste. After that, they could roast their "kind words" marshmallow. So I said, "See? What do you want, kind words or mean words? lemons or marshmallows?" Winston looked right at me with a huge smile and said, "Lemons AND marshmallows!" and proceeded to eat his entire lemon slice along with three marshmallows! Lesson fail but we couldn't keep from laughing.

Some of my other favorite quotes from him lately:

Cosette and Winston were playing in the backyard and Winston had two swords. I asked him to share one of the swords with Cosette so she could fight the bad guys with him. Win thought about it for a minute and then said to her, "Um Cosette, could you just use your muscles to fight them?"

Getting ready for bed, it was time for a story so I laid down next to Win to read to him. He instantly burst into tears and shouted, "You laid on my pillow and now its going to be warm and not cold!"

The first time Winston figured out how to buckle his own car seat, I turned around and exclaimed how proud I was of him for doing it all by himself. He said very matter-of-factly, "Yeah, I did it. So I have myself a high five like this." and clapped his hands together.


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