Disneyland- Day 1

Merry Christmas to the Fox family from my parents! They are the very best and gifted us a Disneyland vacation for Christmas this year- it worked out perfectly because we were already headed to California to be with Evan's family and I can't think of a happier gift! My kids jump up and down and cheer every time they see the Disney castle on their Friday night movie so I knew it would truly be magical to be there in person. It took two planes and an 8 hour road trip to get us there so by the time we arrived at our hotel the night before we were beyond exhausted- traveling with two toddlers for 21 hours straight is no picnic! But as soon as we got to our room we looked out the window and had this incredible view of California adventure and we could fall asleep watching the World of Color water and lights show, it was pretty dreamy. We woke up and walked downstairs to breakfast with Mickey and Minnie which was one of my favorite parts of the whole experience. We went early because we were still on east coast time (kinda...) so it felt like we had the place all to ourselves! Winston got to have a dance party with the characters and Cosette had a good hour to warm up to and then fall madly in love with the idea of life sized Minnie.

It was raining this day which at first I thought was going to put a damper on things but it ended up being awesome- the park was so empty because no one wanted to be all wet! We got to do so many rides with little to no line and it really wasn't any more than a drizzle. Winston loved the Car's right and the Toy Story ride, Cosette loved Ariel's carousel and cried with she couldn't ride it a 10th time.

By mid afternoon we had seen a good majority of California adventure- thank you rain- and decided to head over to Disneyland. Cosette insisted on going to Minnie's house first and it did not disappoint. She was absolutely thrilled by every little detail and kept giving Minnie kisses. After we left she would find things and tell me we needed to take them back to Minnie- Mom this granola bar is for Minnie ha!

The Christmas decorations around the whole park made it feel just enchanting, I'm so happy we got to see it decked out in so much glory!

The kids crashed hard at the end of the night and we did too... but not without appreciating our view again!