A January Toast

 Cheers to the end of a very gray January!
 I'm raising my Stephen's Smore's hot chocolate filled mug and toasting to:
my kids yelling "Traintracks! Railroad!" every time we drive over the crossing (they didn't name 'em the Boilermakers for nothin...)
my neighborhood Bunco ladies staying until nearly 1 AM
no longer having purple walls in my master bathroom
never having to shovel our driveway- the entire month
baby girl kicking like crazy during my nightly Netflix binges
surprise visits and packages from grandparents
prenatal workout videos on youtube
 finally figuring out the coupon app for my local grocery store 
the way Winston and Cosette tackle/hug each other as they reunite at his preschool pickups
A sneaky 45 minute Starbucks "date" with my busy Mister