Cosette: 2 1/2

Every single day Evan and I look at each other and say- she is the cutest thing that has ever happened. Cosette is definitely getting sassier as she grows but she is still such a blessing to have in our home. She has some killer dance moves, a tiny Minnie Mouse voice that makes you give in to any and all demands, and she talks non-stop. Every nap time and bed time she asks me, "Can you snug me?" (snuggle) and I give in 9 times out of 10. She helps me make breakfast and dinner every single day and spends a ton of time in her own play kitchen. She adores Minnie Mouse more than anyone else on the planet and will usually only get dressed if she appears somewhere on her clothes. In November we potty trained and she was killing it for about 6 weeks but then when we went to California she decided- nah I'm over it and had 6 accidents a day for a solid week. I didn't want to be angry and fight with her all over Christmas break so we are back in pull-ups and will have to have a re-training session sometime in the next 10 weeks before baby sister arrives on the scene. Cosette loves to paint, tells everyone her favorite colors are pink and purple, and would give anything for a cupcake. She adores her big brother and is improving in the play date arena as well. She loves nursery because she gets to play with playdough and sing songs with her buddy Crew. She loves to give kisses, still calls the swing set her "birthday swing", and constantly wants her nails painted purple with sparkles. She is most often found putting random objects on her head, calling it a birthday hat, and singing "you've had a birthday shout hooray!". We adore this girl to no end. One of my assignments for my photography class was to follow and photograph something for an entire day- so of course I chose my sidekick.

29 lbs
Size 2T-3T


  1. What a joy to be with her!! I love how no one but Mimi could help her all weekend !


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