Here's to March

grab an ice cold bottle of Triple XXX Root Beer and hold it high because:

-Finally, FINALLY having a diagnosis to Evan's 16 month injury, 12 doctors later... and now hoping for a cure
- An alarm clock that keeps my children in bed until 7am, you need this in your life
-realizing Evan's night classes mean fewer nights I have to plan and prepare dinner! Cold cereal and scrambled eggs all around.
-taking a sewing project from concept to completion all on my own thanks to years of lessons from Grandma
-A return to my love of reading books sparked by The Magnolia Story
- Family night at Dairy Queen for free cones
-the disappearance of another hideous accent wall; I could literally feel my blood pressure lowering as the pumpkin orange vanished
-Discovering a scripture that stripped away so much of my pregnancy woes and anxiety: Hebrews 12:2 For the Joy!