Post Partum

After Cosette was born I was up cheering on the sidelines of Evan's triathlon when she was 4 days old with a poster sized candygram I had made . What was I thinking! A month later I distinctly remember sitting at the park crying because the Giant's were in the world series and I wanted to recreate all the food from the stadium like Gilroy Garlic Fries for Evan but I couldn't figure out how to do it with two babies to take care of. Even months after she was born I still felt like my uterus was going to fall out of my body at any moment. One time I cried so hard I 'm pretty sure I could have broken a rib. I did call my doctor to see if maybe I had post-partum depression, but they were asking me if I felt like I was going to hurt myself, or my baby- I didn't have any of those feelings, I just felt so completely overwhelmed and inadequate. I had a really hard time adjusting, it took me a solid three months to even feel like myself again so I was kind of terrified for the transition after baby #3. In preparation for Vivian's birth I read a book called Natural Hospital Birth- The Best of Both Worlds by Cynthia Gabriel which I absolutely loved. It really helped me figure out what I wanted both in the labor process and in the recovery stage as well. Luckily my due date fell right at the beginning of a two week break for Evan, and I also enlisted the help of both my mother-in-law and my mom and spread it all out over a full month so I could really recover. Maybe it was a bit overkill but I was much happier to err on the side of too much help rather than not enough. I basically didn't get out of bed for the first 5 days. I slept as late as I needed to for weeks. I let my mother in law mop my kitchen floor for goodness sake! It would have horrified me last time but honestly this is how I needed to recover. I don't know how much of it was attributed to not having an epidural, but I think that helped as well. My kids adored spending so much time with their dad and grandparents and Vivian and I were able to work through some painful nursing/tummy issues much more easily. In the book she calls it "cocooning" time, and while I would have totally made fun of it with my previous babies, insisting that I wouldn't be that mom who couldn't leave the house forever, I loved it. In nursing school I did a semester studying the different healthcare systems of countries all over the world. In Asia, the mom stays in a care center for up to 6 weeks after her baby is born so she can recover. I'm here to tell you- there's something to that! Here are some of our fun moments with our helpers.


  1. Amen. Eleanor came in a couple days ago and said..."so mom, sitting in the comfy chair again..." Cause that's basically what I've done. And it's been so good for me and the baby. Recover is hard. And taking the time to recover is even harder. Good work kamille. Sweet babies too!


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