A Name and a Blessing

Dear Vivian,

Sunday June 18, 2017, was your blessing day and coincidentally it was also Father's Day. It was a fitting privilege for your dad to be able to hold you in his arms and present you with a name and a blessing from God. The name we chose for you is Vivian Faith Fox. Vivian comes from a special little park in Provo Canyon, someday we'll take you there. When your dad and I were engaged, we went floating down the Provo River and we ended up in Vivian Park. While wandering around waiting for our ride, we stumbled upon President Thomas Monson sitting on the back porch of his cabin home. He invited us in and told us stories for hours and also gave us some wonderful marriage advice. This was a life changing event for us, to be able to meet a prophet of God in the flesh and feel of his spirit. He has aged quite a bit since then but he is still the prophet today and I hope that one day you will get to know and love him as we do, and most importantly know that the prophet speaks for Christ here on this earth. Your middle name Faith is inspired by our recent move to the midwest. We took a huge leap of faith quitting our jobs and moving across the country to go back to school here in Indiana, and when we arrived we found a state full of people grounded in faith and living it beautifully. During your blessing your dad told you to remember your middle name- to know that faith in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are the most important things. He promised that your faith would be a guiding light to you and to those around you. He also said that your faith would lead you to serve, guide, and uplift others, as well as make sacred covenants including baptism and marriage. He instructed you to search the scriptures and learn from the special men and women there. He also advised you to look to me, your mother, as an example and to listen to my counsel. He blessed you that you would realize the importance of family, both this family and the future family that you will create. Your dad blessed you that you would be an example to your friends and that you would love them no matter what their background is or where they come from. He promised you a close relationship with Heavenly Father felt through the Holy Ghost and a strong testimony of Jesus Christ which would shine forth to others. We feel very lucky to have such a precious girl in our home and look so forward to watching you grow. It was the sweetest day, you were surrounded by friends and family including both sets of grandparents who came to celebrate you and welcome you to this world.

All my love,