Here's to our 7th year!

In Year 7

-We toured 15 US cities, two via Riverboat and two via Emergency Room
-Laughed the hardest at Evan calling someone a "Jack Astronaut" and at the Physical Therapist's awkward conversations about pain in "private parts"
-We discovered the magic of fireflies as well as how easy it is to mix up priorities (*Hint* marriage > kids)
-Went on the best dates to Mountainjacks and the Tim and Faith Hill concert
-He hated when she drank all his ice water and she hated folding his socks
-We Painted over purple, green, and orange accent walls along with kitchen cabinets 
-She gave up all pride and now drives a mini van while wearing mom shorts
-He gave every back healing contraption on the internet the old college try
-Our family grew by one sweet tiny beautiful person and our global perspective grew by at least seven different languages