My life according to the contents of my mini van

I document here and now that I clean the van out every 10 days or so, but regardless, if you were to hop in my backseatv you would be in awe of the wasteland. By the way, if anyone ever tries to  tell you the vacuum that comes in a mini van is just a gimmick and you don't need it, tell them you don't want that kind of negativity in your life and you can't be friends anymore. Anyway, this seemed like a pretty telling and comical way to document our lives lately, today's booty included:

broken umbrella-
Baby Bjorn
hand sanitizer
notepads and pens
hair rubberband
A water color painting courtesy of Cosette
A handful of used but now empty Ziplocks-  snacks everywhere and anywhere
Prepackaged snack wrappers from the blood bank- Donating for Vegas and to remember I used to be a nurse
Used wipes from cleaning off Cheeto hands- a bribe to make it through the hardware store
A miniature princess throne and foot stool
Corn kernals from the Corn maze playgroup date
A Celery Bog Nature Area map
Ninja Turtle's lego skateboard
Two passalong cards
An old Purdue football game ticket
an abandoned t-shirt
a smattering of preschool crafts including Three little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf puppets
Occupational therapy homework print out- "Slow" Angels
A banana peel (ew.)
Library receipts- their favorite day of the week
A West Lafayette Trail Guide
a super hero cape
two sweatshirts
An empty checkbook-from preschool tuition, who writes checks anymore??
Frog glasses from learning about Moses and the plagues in Bible study
Five waterbottles
Five story books (two Batman books, Go Dog Go, Amelia Bedelia, and Pete the Cat Old McDonald had a Farm)
three pairs of shoes
one and a half pairs of socks
two bows- one for Cosette and one for Vivian
Blockhead Lego Batman
and a Racially diverse baby doll inherited from a neighbors recent "Bigger or Better" game