Heather's 30th

 My sweet Aunt JeNee sent me a request to participate in a book she was making for Heather's birthday and I was honored to be included. Wanted to save these memories for myself too!
Oh happiest Happy Birthday to my favorite girl!
I am tearing up thinking about not being with you on your birthday- the very best day of the year. How I wish I could be there to hug you and tell you what a selfless, lovely person you are and all the good you have created in my life and in all the world around you! But first- the memories. Some of my favorites include- when I came to visit you for Nate and Kristen's homecoming (maybe your Dad's 40th birthday?) and watching Kristen paint her toenails and get ready for her big dance and going to the game with you and feeling so cool. When you came to Texas and we did a funny photo shoot in capri overalls and old dance costumes and went to six flags where you pretended you were sick. Playing "office" or "mailbox" of some sort at Grandma Hutch's house and always trying to come up with ways to get Jessie to read her scriptures. During one family reunion we went camping up AF canyon for a night and I remember you had a chart to read the book of mormon every single day for a year and you didn't bring any scriptures so you recited a memorized verse to count it and I was so impressed/amazed. Also being terrified of Mandi's and Holly's ghost stories.The time we tried to mow Grandma and Grandpa's front yard in celebration for the Jazz being in the playoffs and it was so hard so we just ended up with "UT" and then had to go back and finish it later. hahahahaha. I remember making you hand stamped stationary so we could be pan pals and writing letters back and forth to each other. Then high school when we finally got cell phones and got to text each other- the time I was texting you that I was going to break up with my boyfriend and sent it to him instead. Coming to visit for Kristen and Tyler's wedding and hating your horrible pink dress together but thinking Kristen was the most magical beautiful thing in the whole world. Driving around listening to all-american rejects and yellowcard. Laughing about your stories of Ellis backfiring in your high school parking lot and how you taught me to always set the cruise control at 9 over the speed limit. You coming for homecoming senior year and always wondering if you and Ben would end up together. You coming out for Zander's graduation party slash mostly because it was my junior year form hell and I had no friends and my parents felt bad. Your dream to go to Venice and my convincing my parents to get a trip going for what would be the most epic European adventure ever. Everything about those three weeks, the people in Turkey selling us hats because 3 people died here yesterday and eating so much food we didn't fit in our clothes by the time we got to London and you doing a cartwheel and ripping your pants. Coming to visit during the fall of your Freshman year of college and going to your singles ward feeling so old and your roommate Lindsey making out in the car and telling us about her role plays. You coming on a cruise with us for spring break that year. Being heartbroken that you were sick and had to move home and left me all alone in Provo the next year and coming down to visit you over Martin Luther King weekend. Going to Mexico and reading Twilight books in the hammocks. When I was living at Liberty square and you left an article on my doorstep by some emeritus seventy about how its a good thing to wait for a missionary and holding on to that for dear life. The date we went on where we played games, cant remember our dates names but I know mine was shallow and wearing bedazzled jeans and you told him i didn't like him and it was true! Moving in together at King Henry and so so so so so many conversations about how God wasn't going to make me marry Jordan and it was okay to date Evan. The trip to St. George and our moms telling us we should date Chad and Ben. HA! Everything about the blue rose, the date uniform, the smell of hair color, leaving the cheese out on the counter, every article of clothing I owned on top of my bed, you falling asleep to Gilmore Girls every night, hating you when you went over to the Jukebox without telling me. "Maid of Honor" dates and being so annoyed at how happy you were the day I thought Evan was ignoring me, turns out he was proposing. The fight about the bridesmaid fabric (praise heaven you refused to wear it, I can't even imagine the pictures!). Your perfect perfect toast at my wedding. The time you came over to our first apartment and spread out hundreds of photos your aunt had accidentally printed from my old camera card of me and Jordan. Countless Sunday dinners and lessons from Grandpa, especially when you got in trouble for being "too loud". Every Celine Dion song I ever hear- all remind me of you. Turbo Jamming with Chalene. Midnight Twilight movies on your birthday. Every frozen yogurt date we ever had where we chatted about how people are idiots and the gospel is the only thing that matters. Playing tennis together so I could keep up with things while you dated Jay. Haircuts times a million. But mostly always knowing you were the one I could go to when I had something important to say, knowing you would agree with my opinions on current events and politics. You are so loyal and so devoted to the people you love. You are so fun and bright, it's just joyful to be around you. Your commitment to the Lord is obvious but in the most graceful way. You are truly a gift in my life and I know so many more people feel the same way! I am so grateful to have gotten to share the first 30 years (well I guess only 29) of your life with you and am forever thankful we are family so we can continue to make memories! Thanks for being my best friend, my "big sister" when I didn't have one, and an inspiring example. I love you fiercely! Have the greatest day!!