Vivian 7 months

This little lady is just the sunshine in our home. People often ask me- Does she ever cry? I've never heard her upset? Well yes she does, and when she does it is LOUD, but she is happiest when she's out and about and can see everything that is going on around her. She will not ever let you hold her against your chest she always has to be facing out.  She is incredibly strong, I don't remember either of my other babies able to grip so tight or or arch anything like does. She's got these gorgeous blue eyes and fiery red hair and a very easy smile. She is speeding through all her stages way too fast for me, she rolled over on the day she turned 3 months old and has never laid on her back since. She started rocking on her hands and knees at 6 months and crawling by 7. She wasn't a fabulous sleeper, still waking up to eat 3 times a night to eat which gave her the giant chubby legs we adore. She's now in her closet nursery so at least we've cut it down to one nighttime feeding! No one can get this girl to laugh like her siblings can and she will crawl into the middle to anything that is going on. Our favorite things the past few months were the bumbo seat (until she learned to sit herself up all in one day) and Meiya the mouse. She was 16 lbs 15 oz at her 6 month check up which put her in the 60th percentile for weight and in the 10th percentile for height at 25 inches. She'll take a bottle if I insist but turns up her nose to frozen milk and formula. She is the blowout QUEEN, even though she's in size 3 diapers she just has so many rolls on her legs its hard to get them to fit well. She's generally just happy to tag along as we go from crib to highchair to car seat to grocery cart to front pack and all over again. I love my time at church alone with her while the other two are in class. She's got a lot to say and an affinity for screens so we hide them and are nervous to see how that develops. She's in a hurry to catch up with her siblings and they adore her. We call her Viv, Baby Viv, and Little Red.