We were just wondering...

W: Does Dr. Cates have a family?
C: Do butterflies have heartbeats?
C: When Vivian grows up, who is going to marry her?
C: Where is the sun's bed?
W: When are Mimi and Monster going to have kids? [my parents]
C: Where do snake babysitters live? And what do snakes dance to?
C: What if pee and poop got married?
C: Why is the Cheesecake Factory so far away?
W: Did it hurt your tummy to get the baby out?
C: Can you take this hat off my grape? [stem]

E: How can I get the new iphone without raising our bill?
K: Why does the mini van smell like that?
E: Where should I apply for my internship?
K: What is the best way to stop the teasing?