Temple Saturdays

Our first year in Indiana we honestly did not make it to the temple a whole lot. Leaving a place where we had free babysitters and a door to door 7 minute drive, to find an hour and fifteen minutes of travel time one way plus the two hours inside and then the drive back made it seem impossible to get there. After Vivian was born, we were feeling the stress of sporadic worship and we came up with the idea to institute "Temple Saturdays." The first Saturday morning each month we get up early and drive together as a family to the temple. The kids get to watch scripture videos along the way and we make a big deal about seeing the temple as we arrive . One of us goes inside for an Endowment session while the other one takes the kids to do something fun in Indianapolis- so far we've explored an outdoor art museum, a percussion museum, a couple really cool parks, a trampoline store, and good old Chick fil a. After the session ends, we swap and the second person does Initiatory while everyone else eats lunch and then the drive home is for naps. We save money on babysitters while still getting a little of the "date" feel during the drive time, and our kids get to see us going to the temple and know its an important place for our family. I know this won't be a forever tradition for us as they grow or we move away, but I hope our kids remember it because it has quickly become something I depend on and cherish especially during these grad school years.


  1. Genius idea... I love you guys. Thanks for your righteous examples.


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