Memorial Day

I was so excited to build on our earlier family history FHE and we decided to turn Memorial Day into a full blown Family History Celebration which is a tradition we will keep forever! I spent months creating a memory card game with pictures of our ancestors and little snipets of information underneath each photo. This kids really wanted an "ofrenda" like they have in CoCo which I thought was a great idea. We are planning to make a gallery wall with the photos and keepsakes we discovered while preparing for this holiday. We also made all family recipes for dinner- "Grandma's Casserole" which is a favorite of Evan's that his Grandma used to make, mesquite green beans which was the only thing I ever made for dinner while we were dating and engaged, and of course Grandmother Jane's strawberry pie. Each of us picked an ancestor to tell a story about around the dinner table- I picked Hyrum Pope who was the architect/engineer behind several LDS temples including the Hawaii, Oakland, and Canada temples. Winston picked Harvey King McArthur who was the navigator on the aircraft carrier The Hornet during World War II, Cosette picked my Mom and told funny stories about her when she was a little girl, and Evan picked Zera Pulsipher whose life was miraculously spared time and time again. After the movie we ushered in bedtime with a quick round of Grandpa's Cotton Blossom #1.  The preparation for this day filled me with awe and gratitude for those who came before me.

"Therefore, bretheren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word or our epistle." 2 Thessalonians 2:15