PreSchool 4's

Village Nursery School has been such a gift to our family! Winston's teacher was literally just a tender mercy from the Lord this year because she has a daughter who was just recently diagnosed with autism so she was incredibly helpful through our entire evaluation and experimental treatment process. Honestly my favorite part of preschool was Wednesday Toddler Bible Study with Mrs.Bittles. Every week she had the kids sing and dance to all this scripture songs, then she would have them sit down and listen to a story out of the Bible, and then they would go find some fun little activity/toy she has hidden for each one of them in the sanctuary. It was the highlight of my kids week! For preschool "graduation" the kids were supposed to wear a men's dress shirt backwards as their robes- naturally Winston would have none of it because "That's Daddy's shirt and I'm not a dad!" and he wouldn't wear his own white shirt because "That's church clothes and this is not our church!" so we ended up standing out quite a bit but hey at least he wore the hat!  He says he wants to be a basketball player when he grows up- no surprises there. We are very excited about the Montessori school he'll be attending for Kindergarten but man this place and these people have been good to us.