Samantha's Graduation

This was the weekend my baby sister has been dreaming of for YEARS and it sure lived up to the hype if I do say so myself. We drove out early to play with the cousins all week which was lots of park time and lego-landing and such. The real party was on Friday- starting with Jonas' 2nd birthday so we played and celebrated him all day. That night we set up the big graduation dinner my mom and I had been planning- photos of each of us with Samantha at our own graduations, all her favorite foods,a crown and a sash naturally, a fun game to see who knew the graduate best, and a Dr.Pepper toast with gifts for the center of attention. She basked in the spotlight as she does and it was so much fun to shower her with love! We even drove Blue Bell ice cream all the way from Indiana to make the meal perfection. I won the game obviously and mom and dad's toast/gift was best... obviously. They gave her a pair of Jimmy Choo's as her "big girl shoes" to wear across the stage at graduation. Saturday was the graduation and the best surprise of all- Zander flew in and made it ten minutes before the ceremony started! We were all crying. Such a treat to be all together! I am told this is unusual for siblings to be this close but what can I say? I blame it on my mother. Tanner brought his girlfriend Natalie so it was fun getting to see him all wrapped up in her and the day after graduation the rest of the family headed off to Italy. Luckily I've been before otherwise I would be too jealous to even stand it. Who can babysit my three children for ten days again so I can go back to Europe?? I cannot contain my excitement for my sister in starting this new chapter of her life and I'm thrilled to see how my parents adapt as well to being empty-nesters. Full speed ahead!