Make this move end

It was nothing short of heart breaking to leave Indiana. I just sobbed and sobbed. As much as I didn't want to move to Utah, the miraculous way everything had fallen into place with Evan's job, finding a house, and being able to sell our Indiana home had played out too perfectly. I took this as a sign that it was meant to be. All that ended the moment this move began. We had two cars to drive so I was in the mini van pregnant with three kids driving solo across the country. In Wyoming we hit a white out snow storm and there was an 18 wheeler hanging off the side of a bridge, it was truly one of the most terrifying experiences of my life and I never ever want to think about it again. Our moving van got delayed (obviously) because of the storm for like 2 weeks so we ended up living in a hotel for quite an extended period of time. One night we went over to Chris and Sarah's and Cosette asked her what was "on the kids menu" for dinner- that's how much we were eating out! Evan had planned his China trip to land after we had moved in and gotten organized but ended up having to leave before the moving truck ever arrived. There was no washer or dryer in the house and we had ordered them in October but because of trade wars going on with China it didn't end up coming until mid January so I was at the laudromat with all our stuff. We did get the upstairs painted before moving in which was really nice and my mom came to help me while I was driving the kids to Farmington for school, living out of the SLC Marriott, and trying to remodel. Which is its own saga of disasters! Bah! So glad this is over.