I sure love a good family costume and Cosette was NOT budging on the Bernstein Bears idea- look how cute it turned out! Winston really wanted to be Mario so he agreed to be Brother Bear for the Trunk or Treat but he wanted to wear his real costume to school on dress up day and for actual trick or treating. Cosette accepted the deal and luckily Brother Bear is maybe the world's easiest costume so here we are! I adore the Bernstein Bears books- so many great lessons, and when I was at an Amish market a few months ago I discovered they had religious ones too! I have been collecting them for my church bag, they are a nice change for all the usual stand-bys at Deseret Book. I was a little disappointed with our last fall here in Indiana, we were at 80-90 degrees all of September and into October and then in one week we went from 80 to snow. Fall fell too fast! We did still get to enjoy our fabulous red tree in the backyard for a few days and jumping in the leaves so it wasn't all a bust. Evan purchased a blower earlier this summer and it also works as a vacuum to suck up the leaves- holy cow that is a game changer! I'm ready for all the mature trees after the clean up only took an hour.