Richard and Marilyn's Homecoming

The missionaries return! We drove out to California Memorial Day weekend to celebrate the completion of Richard and Marilyn's mission and hear them speak in Sacrament meeting. Evan also has an ancestor- Wilford Heath Hudson- who was part of the Gold Rush in California and discovered gold at Koloma right by where he grew up. We took the chance to take our kids up there and Evan told them stories about their Great great great.... grandfather and have them practice panning for gold. We also snuck in a Giant's game as well as a visit to the Oakland Temple- it had recently been remodeled so the kids got to go inside for the Open House. This may have been too much to squeeze into one trip particilarly with a newborn but that's kind of always the error we make. Me moved our annual Family History dinner back a week but here at the pictures from it- we went around the table and told stories about our ancestors like usual. I told one about my Grandmother Jane since we had just named Noelle after her. When Wayne Vieweg was graduating from medical school Mary Jane wanted to buy him a gift but they were incredibly poor. She ended up buying him a new suit to wear to the graduation and and old car that had a hole in the roof. I interviewed my Aunt Louise about this and she said it was raining on graduation day so she remembers her dad sat in the back seat of the car with an open umbrella held above his head to keep his new suit from getting wet!