Here's to our 9th year!

Happy Anniversary Evan- This day wasn’t flawless {rings lost in the parking lot on the way in to the temple, at least a bajillion degrees outside so we were drenched in sweat, your dad forgetting his tux pants on the hotel bed and the rotating green cargo shorts, a traffic jam lasting for hours on the way to the reception, Caleb forgetting the "toast" part of his toast, and always majolica blue} but I genuinely remember it as blissful. I was listening to a podcast last week about how silly it is to measure a relationship in length when really it should be measured by depth. Some years with you have felt like playing in the sandbox- perhaps a little juvenile but oh so enjoyable. This year I think we’ve dug ourselves halfway to China... and we aren’t there yet. Lucky me to have someone by my side who never stops digging. Thrilled to celebrate our yesterdays and our tomorrow’s with you today!