Family Search Center

Our Relief Society took a tour of the Family Search Center in Layton in the fall and they showed us all the amazing machines they had. The one that intrigued me the most was the slide digitizer. Knowing my grandparents had thousands of slides from their life in Saudi Arabia, I convinced my mom to go box them up and ship them to me so I could bring those memories back to life. I interviewed them about their time in Saudi about two years ago and have continually felt a pull to help them document their personal histories for the benefit of their posterity (me!).  Converting the slides has been a huge amount of work, more than I anticipated. Luckily they have a wonderful kids play area full of creative toys and books that kept my girls entertained for the many hours and weeks and months we spent there. There were definitely days I drove the missionaries crazy with my three children crawling around but finding a way to feed my love of family history that could happen outside of nap and bedtime hours has been an amazing gift for me! We would pack lunches and aim to convert about 500-600 slides per trip which took about 1.5-2 hours. We only had one box left before they shut down due to Corona virus but here are some of my favorites:


  1. Kam, these are so amazing and beautiful and they make me want to cry! What a treasure! And good job spending all the time doing this, so awesome.


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