Mexican New Years- Playa Mujeres 2019

- Natalie and Tanner accidentally left their passports in Houston when they drove to Austin the day before Christmas Eve, but they had the brilliant idea to have some friends overnight the passports to them. Unfortunately USPS lost the passports in the Christmas chaos and they had to change their flights over and over and over again waiting and hoping for them to eventually arrive. After a few days they ended up driving back to Houston and going in person to the passport office to beg for new passports and finally made it to Mexico a little late and much the wiser!
- We had a two bedroom villa with our own hot tub to stay in during this trip- one of my favorite memories was the kids ordering room service for breakfast and eating it in the hot tub. Least favorite was Vivian falling off something in the hotel within the first five minutes of arrival and getting a black eye. She also woke up early one morning and found the melatonin gummies we give to Winston before bed and pounded who knows how many fistfuls of them. Let's just say she slept on the palapa most of that day!
-On Sunday we held a little testimony meeting in my parents room which was pretty special, my dad asked us to come prepared to answer the question "Why do you believe?" It is always a sweet opportunity to hear the people you love so dearly talk about their relationship with God. After a year of struggle in our professional and financial and consequently marital lives, I talked about the scripture that has been playing through my head month after month as I have felt a myriad of emotions from disappointment to abandonment and many more, John 6:68 ..."Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life."
-While Evan and I were walking back to the beach pushing a stroller full of sand toys and unicorn inner tubes a leather skinned man walked by in a speedo with a huge gold chain around his neck. When he was out of ear shot I jokingly asked Evan if he would wear a gold chain, and simultaneously another man walked by and heard my question. He started laughing as he looked at Evan and I and immediately replied, "No. No he wouldn't." We laughed pretty hard about that.
- On New Years Eve we went to the fancy dinner early and then left our kids with a hired babysitter to go party with the adults. It started pouring down rain and we felt bad for the hotel manager who had a massive outdoor party set up. We ended up staying in one of the rooms and played games and Karaoke which was the highlight of the trip for me, I love to see my older brother relax for a second and join the fun!
-This trip was a lot of shuffling kids and inner tubes back and forth between the beach and the pool and the kids club and naps and making sure no one drowned- definitely not a relaxing vacation but definitely a memorable family trip! It felt like it had been just short of forever since we had all had longer than a few hours to spend together so sitting on the beach chatting through the endless sand castles and Pink Panther drinks was a delight!