Noelle's First Birthday


Baby Bit's first birthday fell on the very first weekend of quarantine- definitely not the hoopla I had planned to celebrate her but now that we are a crowd of 6 all on our own it doesn't feel too lonely to party with just our family.  Please enjoy the progression of the cake smash:

weights 18 lbs 3 oz (33rd percentile)
27.75 inches long (7th percentile)
Diapers size 3
Clothes size 12 months
has 8 teeth!
is still nursing
standing and walking along furniture but no steps yet
Got tubes in her ears in February and has been SO MUCH happier since!
favorite toys are big sisters underwear or damp washcloths- very exciting


  1. You have the most beautiful children. Tell Evan that Drew’s mom sends her love.


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