Vivian turns 3

Governor Herbert reopened the state of Utah and allowed gatherings of 20 or fewer people starting May 2 so we invited over our favorite 20 people and had a party for our Viv! She wanted macaroni and cheese and wings and cake and marshmallows and cousins- all delivered. This is the most social child I've ever met, at 7 am she is running down the street knocking on neighbors doors to see which kids can play. She still can't stop eating and is often found stuffing a handful of chocolate chips into her cheeks or taking bites out of the sticks of butter in the fridge. She still takes care of her babies like they are the real deal and it melts my heart every time I hear her rock them to sleep. She knows what she wants and has a fiery little temper but it doesn't last long. He biggest physical accomplishments this year are getting potty trained and riding a balance bike but she thinks she's one of the big kids and delights to tag along. She loves to wear pjs and swimwuits, normally in absurd layers that look incredibly uncomfortable but I let her roll with it. Her favorite movie of the moment is Frozen 2 and frequent song requests for our dance parties include Speed Me Up from Sonic and Meant to Be by Florida Georgia Line. She's a curious and busy little mischief maker and an excellent "snuggle bug". We love this girl!