Favorite things

I have a Marco Polo feed going with my college roommates, we started it to discuss the uproar of protests and onslaught of information on social media surrounding racism, but as we have continued reconnecting it has been so fun! I was incredibly lucky to live with such amazing women, its so fun to hear their scripture insights, swap recipes, and lately we've been sharing our "five favorite things" so I thought I would document mine here.

1. Better than Happy podcast- This is a podcast done by a woman named Jody Moore who is a life coach. She talks a lot about how our feelings come from our thoughts and how we have the power to change them any time we want. I have been listening for about a year and it really has been life changing for me, one of my favorite things she says is "the universe is constantly conspiring in my favor". I have really struggled since Noelle was born to handle my life, I feel constantly buried in children, laundry, poop, dishes, I forget things like doctors appointment, I lose my patience and yell way more often than I want to, etc. Four children has been the impossibly hard transition everyone promised it would be. This podcast has been a huge blessing through this and I am seriously considering joining her monthly subscription group to get a little more one on one coaching to see if I can start managing my thoughts and emotions even better.

2. Pepper bras- for the first time in my life I have finally figured out my actual bra size and found a company that makes bras that actually fit and make me feel great. This makes me so happy every day when I put them on!!

3. Les Mills on demand Body Pump- I added weight lifting to my exercise regimen about three months ago and I am shocked how I have come to love it and look forward to it. I love the way it makes m body look and feel and I have gained 4 lbs on muscle since I started. This makes lifting weights fun because they do it to the beat of music but also super effective because you have someone constantly coaching you on form and I dont' have to think about different muscle groups they do all that for me. Can't wait for tomrrow mornings class!

4. Grilled pizza- We continue with out Friday Night Pizza and Movie tradition and we have been grilling the pizzas on the Treager but I am on a quest to conquer the BEST homemade pizza. I just switched from using all purpose flour to using bread flour for the dough and I love the difference it has made. I also tried making more smaller pizzas instead of two large ones and I put them directly on the grill instead of on parchment paper first- I will continue to experiment until I master it but it is one of my favorite things every week!

5. Kayaks- Evan and I planned a trip to Glacier National Park for our 10th anniversary in a few months so we (rather impulsively) purchased kayaks. I wanted them for the trip and we thought might as well get them now and enjoy them all summer! We have already been 3 times as a family and I love them so much! It will be a lot easier once our kids area a little bigger but just rowing on the water makes me feel instantly at peace.