We surprised our kids with a puppy for Christmas! We went to see him at the breeder before we left for CA because he was too little to bring home until mid January. After our disaster with Bochy, Evan let me be totally in charge of all things dog- honestly if I lived alone I wouldn't have a dog. But I don't live alone, I live with a husband and four kids who very much wanted a dog. I love them so I care about what they want... but I also really had to make sure it wasn't going to be too much work for ME because I'm already drowning in creatures to take care of. I decided on a standard poodle and found a breeder really close by. Evan promised to do all the training as he did with Bochy and with him working from home it seemed like excellent timing. We named him "Ranger" like the Junior Ranger badges our kids have been earning at all the National Parks we have visited in the last year. Previously- every time Noelle has been around a dog she has been absolutely terrified so it was the most delightful surprise to see her relationship with our puppy. He is incredibly friendly and we all love him! Evan has done a really great job training him so far- Ranger is literally like his 5th baby. He takes showers with him and blow dries his hair and snuggles with him all the time it cracks me up. We are so happy we added him to our family.