Harvey Lynn Hutchinson

 My sweet Grandpa passed away in early February- He had been on hospice for a few months which had brought some pretty tender experiences to the whole family. When he was diagnosed with cancer last spring I felt prompted to video interview him and my Grandma about their lives to document their stories and advice for all their posterity. As part of the funeral preparations my mom came and took my two littles for a few days so I could park myself in front of the computer and edit part 1 of their documentary and honestly I am amazed at how it turned out. It will be a treasure to me forever and ever. 

A couple miracles I don't want to forget- my cousin Spencer was set to get married in February and my grandpa even in his very sick state had promised him he would be at the sealing. Grandpa passed away the night before the wedding. To me it felt like perfect timing because temples are mostly closed right now still due to Covid so people can't just go spend time in the temple whenever they want. It was a beautiful divine design that the family got to gather there on such a sacred day for Spencer but also so that Grandma could feel close to her husband on the other side of the veil. If he had been alive still he wouldn't have been able to go, he was too sick. At the reception I asked my Uncle Dan if there were any special experiences he wanted to share and he told me that he was sitting next to Grandma right before the ordinance and he heard grandpas voice who said to him "Me and Ben are here, we can't show ourselves but wanted you to know."


Another miracle- My cousin Jesse who is two years older than me used to hang out with Heather and I as children during the summers, but starting about age 14 she began getting in with a bad crowd, drinking, ended up in a teenage pregnancy with a guy who wasn't interested in her or the baby, and then she got into a drug addiction and has just had a very difficult life. I hadn't seen her in nearly 2 decades. At the funeral they asked all the grandchildren to come up and sing a song so as we all went up to the stage I was absolutely shocked to see Jesse coming up to the stage and pulling up the words to the primary song in her gospel library app on her phone. I just started sobbing because I couldn't believe what was happening. Later during the luncheon she told me the story about how she found sobriety and how she found the Church again and that she went to the temple in November. She told me that after all these years she had saved letters that I used to write to her- when I was 12 and 13 we had been "pen pals" since she lived in Utah and I was in Texas. She said I used to mail her pictures of Christ or handouts from Young Women's lessons and I would share my testimony with her in my letters. She felt like it was so impactful in her finding her way back to God and that He had been reaching out to her all along.