Here's to our fifth year!

In our 5th year we:

Discovered the sweet, sweet world of baby girls and finally hired our first babysitter.

Gave up on that horrific living room rug but the truck/dog debate lives on.

Realized the best way to keep the house clean is to invite guests on a regular basis.

He fell in love with his masters degree and she fell in love with watching it bring him to life.

She learned all about FAM and he learned all about manual labor.

He wishes she'd stop putting words in his mouth and she wishes he'd enjoy the present a little bit more. 

We invested a significant amount of time in reading and discussing our religion.

Quoted Casablanca and Get Smart as we like to keep things well rounded

Most often got asked "Are you so exhausted?" (hint: Winston) and the answer is yes, in the very best way!

Favorite Dates:
- Golden Gate Park and Ghirardelli hot chocolate in San Fran
- A return to the temple after 12 months absence

Stupidest Fight:
-Because he had the nerve to get the flu on the night of Valentine's Bunco

Hardest Laughs:
-When Jennifer Garner yelled about anatomy  {I've seen every penis in this car!}
-The time she tricked him into doing water aerobics {Come on Kevin!}

Goals for year 6:
 Graduate from Purdue
Get accepted to a PhD
Build a fence

{HUGE} Thanks to Mom and Dad Hutch- we had the most amazing escape to one of my Dad's resorts- Zoetry Agua Punta Cana -sans children. Seriously the place was stunning, if you are a vacationer, look it up! Ridiculous food, complimentary spa treatments, horseback riding, snorkeling, and they just keep putting flower petals all over your room every night. Romantic getaway perfection.



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