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Baby #5

  Something changed inside of me when I was asked to be the local Relief Society President in our previous ward (a leader in the women's organization in our church). It was as if the sound of my heartbeat had changed. I woke up each morning with a single word pulsing through me, gently, quietly, but persistent and firm. Testify . It came over and over like waves of the ocean crashing into the sand. Testify . Testify. So I did. I testified of Christ- of his love, of his power, of His mercy, of his grace, of his healing, of his transformation. I testified in text messages, at the splash pad, on walks through the neighborhood, on mountains, from the pulpit, and in personal interviews. I most certainly didn't do it perfectly, but I did what I could. I don't have that responsibility anymore and for a while the pulsing quieted, or maybe just got drowned out by the chaos of a cross country move and holiday madness with our family. As I brainstormed creative ways to share our news

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