Date Night

When Evan and I got engaged, we got assigned to attend the "Marriage Prep" Sunday school class. In our stake, engaged couples were also supposed to meet with a member of the bishopric every other week to check up on us and see how we were doing. Our bishop gave us a huge packet of articles that we were supposed to read together and discuss. Both the class and the packet were actually super helpful, we talked about a ton of stuff that had never really come up in our relationship like finances and communication styles and differences between men and women, it could get pretty entertaining. There was always one lesson I dreaded though.

Marital Intimacy.

Okay I understand that this is a part of life and especially in the Mormon culture probably something that needs to be discussed with a whole bunch of naive fiances. But it was awkward enough the first time around when it happened to fall on the one Sunday where my ten year old sister came to visit me. Guess Mom and Dad won't have to give her "the talk" anymore. Much less the second time around in our new ward where we have been sent to the exact same class, but this time with a whole bunch of married couples. Seriously? What an awkward Sunday school topic with a room full of newlyweds! And let me just tell you that I have heard the "boys are like a microwave and girls are like a crock pot" analogy one too many times. My face was pretty much buried in the arm of Evan's suit coat the entire class.

But we have great teachers and once we get past that lesson, I thoroughly enjoy it. It has been nice to go through the class with couples who have real marriage experience this time around. Last week we were talking about making time for each other and how important it is to keep dating each other even though we are already married. One couple in our class said that they take turns each week planning a date night, trying to think of something their spouse would love to do. I loved that idea, it sounded so much better than Evan and I asking each other "So, what do you want to do?" every. friday. night.

So Evan claimed this weekend last Sunday, that was fine with me and I didn't think anything of it. Until he showed up on Friday evening at six o clock and told me to dress warm, close my eyes, and get in the car. I am not very good at surprises. I am a planner. I want to know what time to be ready and what to wear and what we will be doing, I need to know what to expect or else how can I properly enjoy myself?? Evan, on the other hand, is continually full of surprises. So after changing my outfit about twenty times until I had finally followed his instructions, I blindly climbed into the Biscuit ready for an adventure. The last time I did this was when he proposed (read about that here) so I was excited!

I had to keep my eyes closed the whole time and when we finally stopped and got out we were at Utah Lake in the same spot where we had met at his bonfire a year and a half ago. I turned around to see a massive kayack strapped in to the back of the truck!

So we pushed it out into the lake (well, Evan pushed it out with me inside it) and we watched the sun set on the water and then the stars come out. Pretty romantic, huh?

Guess I'll need to do a little more thinkin for my turn this weekend outside of dinner and a movie :)


  1. um, this is entirely TOO adorable. I just love you two :)

  2. LOVE! I love this story and the post is completely appropriate!

  3. haha i love the story. great date. Good job Evan!


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