White Elephant

Evan and I teamed up with Chris and Cheyenne this weekend to throw a little Christmas party. All you need is some good food, great friends, some seriously ugly Christmas sweaters, and a whole bunch of hilarious gifts. Naturally Chris and Chey had to take it to the next level...

This is why we love them :)

I found a hideously festive turtleneck at Walmart to go along with Evan's DI gem, but it turns out it wasn't so original. Zander was dropping off some food he made for the party on his way to pick up his date so I opened the car door to get it from him and to my surprise:

He apparently found the same festive turtleneck! I was like "You cannot wear that!" Haha it was so funny though. Just a little nostalgic for the days when our Mom dressed us in matching outfits I guess!

The food was delicious, and the white elephant gifts could not have been funnier. I was so impressed with how creative everyone got! From belly-dancing DVD's to N*SYNC puppets, the coveted Sombrerro and off-brand snuggie, and a giant popcorn filled beer bottle to a whole bunch of fish thrown in ( not in the popcorn beer bottle, just in the mix of the presents...) we all got some lovely little treasures to take home. We finished off the night with a classic, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It was so fun to see so many old friends and new friends together and we loved celebrating with yall, thanks to everyone for helping out we hope you had as much fun as we did!