Little I Love You's

In one sense, I have never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I think its because my dad always called it a "Hallmark" holiday, and I agree. Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate and roses! I love hearing "I love you" and appreciating the amazing people in my life! But why do we need a designated calendar day for it? We celebrated Valentine's Day in my house by eating a big pancake breakfast all together and getting little loves notes from my parents. Then we made heart shaped home made pizza for dinner. It was simple but I loved that my parents always made it a day of celebrating love for our whole family and not just a romantic holiday for the two of them. This is mine and Evan's first Valentine's Day together and I have been stressing for weeks to come up with some extravagant plan. I thought we had to have some fancy expensive celebration or else it meant we weren't really in love! But it turns out Evan feels the same way I do about the holiday. Every day feels like Valentine's Day in our home. So to the love of my life and my very best friend, I wanted to you to know some of the simple things you do every day that make me love you.

1. I love that you have a secret obsession with Liquid Gold and every time we are cleaning the house you pick dusting as your chore. Never mind that I'm scrubbing the toilet and the bathtub every time.
2. I love that when I am done getting ready for the day and putting on my make up you tell me I look pretty. But I love even more that when I am done getting ready for bed and taking off my make up you tell me I look gorgeous.
3. I love that you hand wash all my dishes and kitchen utensils that came from Williams Sonoma even if you don't have to. It makes me so happy!
4. I love seeing your clothes in the laundry with mine. It reminds me that we really are married and you're stuck with me forever and for everything, even the boring stuff like laundry!
5. I love when we disagree and you refer to yourself in the third person because you think I might understand you better. I don't understand you better, but I do adore you more.
6. I love that you feel the need to make sound effects for things that words just can't quite accurately describe. Like Heather's driving for instance.
7. I love that you make me kneel on the floor and not on the bed every single time I say my prayers. As if prayers on the bed don't count. But just so you know, they always worked for me before.
8. I love that you have a sweet tooth and that we have dessert nearly every single night. Finally someone who can understand my need for sugar!
9. I love hearing you talk about your scripture study. There is never a time when you are more animated than when you have discovered something new in those pages you've already read a hundred times.
10. I love your french toast. And that when its your night for dinner you make it 90% of the time.
11.  I love that you think baseball is still "America's pastime" and that its your favorite sport. That makes you different than most boys.
12. I love seeing you play with your nephews, they worship you, and who wouldn't worship their uncle who builds life sized teepees out of sticks and a sheet?
13. I love your strange sayings like "Good Ghandi" and "Holy Hannah" and I love seeing peoples faces when they hear you bust them out for the first time. Highly entertaining.
14. I love your obsession with your blender and that you take meticulous care of it and always want to try new experiments in it. Like peanut butter. Which was delicious by the way.
15. I secretly love when you prove me wrong. Like with Zander's elbow. Or the "coupon" thing. But notice I said secretly love. So don't bring it up.
16. I love that you spend your free time reading books about Christ or biographies about prophets. Who does that?
17. I love that your eyes are bluest early in the morning. What a perfect sight to wake up to!
18. I love that you feel its your duty to teach me sports. Like racketball and snowboarding and mountain biking. I'm becoming so diverse!
19.  I love that you let me talk about gross things from the hospital that no one else will listen to. And you even let me do it at the dinner table.
20. I love that you think Costco is the solution for everything. And that we even went mattress shopping there.

and so many more :)

Happy Valentine's Day baby! I love you!!


  1. Evan, you are doing a great job keeping my sweet niece happy! Good work! And, my prayers on my bed have been heard very well too, thought you both should know. When you're down we'll do a french toast cook off... Tons of love, Fav Aunt ; )

  2. I shall join JeNee in this posting... I LOVE YOU BOTH! I LOVE Valentines (which is weird seeing as though I haven't had one in ten years), but I am absolutely THRILLED that you have someone to celebrate the day with! It's all about loving EVERYONE (spouses are especially important) so THANK HEAVENS the perfect match was created in this little marriage of yours. Really nothing makes me happier than you two together! Happy Valentines Day Fox Family!!!

  3. I love the love! So happy for you!


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