How Do You Know?

A few months ago while my mom was in town we went out for a girls night to see a movie. I don't go see a ton of movies in the theater but it was a chick flick and how often do you get a chance to do that! Evan is sweet and watches one with me maybe every few months, but its just not quite the same when I'm tearing up at this super tender moment and dying because its all just so incredibly romantic, and the person next to me is trying not to laugh/gag.

So anyway we went to see this movie called How Do You Know, and what I mean by "we went to see it" is that we saw the first fifteen minutes of it. Hence the reason I don't go to the movies that often. I don't know about anyone else, but I just don't see the thrill in paying ten bucks to watch someone else's intimate bedroom scenes on a 50 foot screen, just not really my thing. And on top of that, Reese Witherspoon was playing the role of an Olympic Woman's softball player. Are you serious? Who made that casting call? Don't get me wrong, I'm a Reese fan. But softball?? So after a few too many expletives and far too many innuendos the seven of us gracefully bowed out. Perhaps the movie redeemed itself later. But I doubt it.

Note to the movie industry: Sex is not a plot. Its also not a genre. They are called Romantic Comedies not Sex Comedies. Considering you are making millions upon millions of dollars to make these movies, I suggest you purchase a dictionary and figure out the difference. But my point is this: the message the movie was trying to teach was how to know when you are in love. And it has bothered me ever since because they failed so miserably at teaching it! So after spending the past eight days away from my husband for the first time since we have been married, I would like to correct their errors.

You know you're in love when your husband shows up at the airport with a bouquet of yellow roses just to tell you how much he missed you. You know you're in love when thoughts about him sneak in between all your homework and presentations and trip business that you really should be focusing on instead. You know you're in love when eight days felt like eight months. You know you're in love when your favorite part of the day is a phone call at night to reconnect across the country. You know you're in love when the most boring thing in the world is more interesting with him than the most interesting thing in the world without him. You know you're in love when he brings a smile to your face that you just can't get rid of.

That's how you know.


  1. I just love you and all of your rants! I LOVE that you found the most amazing man to marry and that the two of you make each other so HAPPY! Thanks for ranting about this because that movie was horrible and it all needed to be said and corrected! Now, text me back. :) LOVE YOU!

  2. I sat through that entire movie with my sister and four cousins, and be glad you didn't! It was terrible. Not only for the reasons you mentioned, but for every other reason that could possibly make a move bad. Bad acting, too long, the plot didn't make sense... Bad, bad, bad. Probably the worst movie I have ever seen. We probably should have walked out, too!

  3. Love this and love you! Just makes me want August to come a little faster! Hurry and come back so we can have a better girl's night!!

  4. That movie was playing on our airplane ride back from Miami! I literally went off to chris about it all over again (as if he didn't hear enough of the criticisms the first time)
    You are too cute and I love reading your blog. love you!

  5. I saw that movie this weekend! we went to a redbox and said "this has Reese Witherspoon in it it has to be good" (i mean she was in Sweet Home Alabama right?). But no the movie was horrible. Good to know that real love isn't like that :). Come home already! I miss you...and i'm sick of working every day :)

  6. I love this post! Blair and I rented that movie last weekend and it was so dumb! I wish we had just turned it off! You definitely didn't miss anything and the movie didn't redeem itself!


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