My Empty Bench

You know how you get so settled into the routine of your life that you start thinking what you do every day is completely normal, even when its totally not?

Like for example, Evan thinks radishes and salt (in separate baggies) are a normal thing to pack in his lunch for school. Not carrots, or celery, or any of the usual lunch veggies, nope, he thinks radishes are normal. He always did it as a child and no one ever told him that it’s completely strange! Don’t worry I have corrected that oversight.  But he even packed a lunch for me last semester and put radishes and salt (in separate baggies of course) in it and when I pulled it out during a break, I couldn’t help but laugh. Granted, it tasted great, but who thinks of radishes?

Another example: Evan and I own two cars, a 2007 Jetta and a 1988 Toyota pickup. Evan’s commute is much longer than mine so naturally he takes the car that gets better gas mileage, and I take the truck. I thought this was totally reasonable, but for some reason I get strange reactions from everyone else on the road when I am driving his car. What? Do I not look like the kind of girl who would drive a brown 22 year old pickup truck? I have to admit though, it’s a great self-esteem booster. Some people just give me odd stares. But sometimes its these sixteen year old boys in Jeeps or F150s who drive past me and honk and wave and lean out the window trying to get my attention. I let them do it for a few minutes before I flash my ring. Why ruin their fun?

But something I always thought was totally normal was that I got to sit by my husband in church. Granted he thinks every scripture reference read over the pulpit is an invitation to race, and he also likes to sing opera style when the congregation hymn is some ridiculous number that not a soul in the room knows the words to. I didn’t think those parts were normal, highly entertaining and enjoyable, but not normal. But I did think that holding his hand or scratching his back to keep him awake was something I could depend on. Wrong. Our ward has been reorganized and both Evan and I will be leaving the job of Activity’s Chair to some other lucky couple and have received new callings. I got called to be the secretary in the Relief Society, which I am thrilled about because I get to work with some amazing girls. And Evan got called to be the second counselor in the bishopric which I am also thrilled about all except for the fact that I now have an empty bench. Someone very wise once told me:

If you marry a bum, you can have him all to yourself, but if you marry a good man, then you’ll have to share him.

So really it’s a complement that I have to share my husband and will now be sitting alone, but I will miss my best friend up there on the stand. Sure hope he can talk the Bishop into scratching his back, otherwise he might have quite the feat trying to stay awake ;)


  1. Look at you sweet thing! Relief Society Secretary cruisin in a truck older than you are and eating your radishes and salt...SO GOOD...boys screaming at you everywhere (I was one of them). Love You! Come Home...


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