The Fox Fourth Wiffle and Waffles

Something I absolutely love about Utah (notice I said love and Utah in the same sentence) is that throughout the summer every city has a fair to celebrate their community.  Midway has Swiss Days, Brigham City has Peach Days, Farmington has Festival Days, Pleasant Grove has Strawberry Days and on and on and on. There are all kinds of activities from races, to carnivals, to concerts, to rodeos, and always, always a fireworks show. Starting in the earliest days of summer all the way into the fall, every city claims a week to call their own and, lucky us, we live in Provo where we celebrate Freedom Days! This fittingly falls on the Fourth of July every year, couldn't be more perfect. On Saturday Evan and I rode our bikes down to the fair to join in the fun. There are all kinds of booths full of handmade crafts, local businesses handing out coupons, and even a hand full of pop up rollarcoaster rides for children whose parents do not love them. Okay just kidding. But seriously those things cannot be safe. Perhaps that's part of the thrill! And naturally, lets not forget the food. Can I ask if you have ever in your life seen a bigger helping of cotton candy than the one right there in Evan's hand? Evan loves cotton candy. We're talking like Giant's baseball status love here people. As in he made several requests for a cotton candy maker to be at our wedding reception. It was on the list.... somewhere above live swans and ice sculptures but somewhere below hydrangeas and orchids. Didn't quite make the cut somehow...weird. But to make up for it I am now obliged to purchase this fluffed sugar on a stick for him at any and every exorbitant cost in any location for the rest of our lives. I even stuffed some in his backpack once before he left for school instead of packing him a lunch. Look how happy it makes him! He couldn't even stop eating it long enough to smile for our picture!


That night we watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks show from my brother-in-law's office building with his adorable family and we were pretty much as front row as you can get. Loved it! Why are fireworks like magic?

Monday we went down to the parade as we were not about to miss out on any of the festivities, and also because I was fairly certain that Jimmer Ferdette and President Monson were going to be sharing a float at the end as a grand finale. They weren't, but the parade was great and even more entertaining were everyone's Americana get-ups. Note to the citizens of Provo: if you are a father, please do not walk around in only whitey-tighties and red white and blue body paint. The three year old you have in tow would probably appreciate it.

Lacking access to a boat or a lake or a pool or a barbeque or... apparently almost all things America, we settled for baseball and after the parade hosted what I hope will become an Independence Day tradition for our little family: The Fox Fourth Wiffle and Waffles. We came up with this idea last minute and threw it together but it ended up being so much fun! Watching couples play sports together is hilarious, you get to see the real relationships come out. We followed up the game with a late breakfast of pancakes and waffles, who says you have to eat hot dogs on the 4th?

Thanks to all our friends who came to play! 

And mostly thank you to our founding fathers and the service men and women of America throughout time who have fought and are still fighting for the freedoms we enjoy. We are so grateful for this country we live in! Happy Fourth everyone!


  1. You guys are the cutest :) We just love you

  2. i just love you too! i'm sad i missed this day, but since it is a tradition then i'm sure i'll make it one of these years. and i didn't know evan loved cotton candy so much! weird :) love your cute posts!

  3. Oh this looks like so much fun!!! I LOVE all the "Days" festivals they have out there.


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