The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Okay so.... remember this?

Yeah. I'm fairly certain that years from now when I look back on this day I will still consider it the day I officially became an adult. You would have hoped I had reached that point before now considering I am married and nearly a college grad... but no, turns out a little water and insulation was really all it took. It was the first time I ever purchased a plane ticket, the 6 am flight from California to Utah to start the recovery. It was the first time I ever had to deal with legal documents and insurance, aside from sending them a check every month. It was the first time I ever had a real, actual disaster in my life which completely justified crying, and instead I had to just smile, put on my work boots, and jump in (quite literally).

So we did.

Armed with rain boots and face masks to avoid breathing in all the mold, we headed in and began to pull the left-overs out of the wreckage.

The good: The ceiling didn't fall in our bedroom, our office, our bathroom, or our closet! Luckily our bed and clothes were all fine, just slightly wet and smelly but nothing a little Clorox can't fix. Also, we found a new apartment to live in the very next day, and it's still in our same ward! It's another basement apartment just two hundred yards from our old place and its even a little bigger. And now you can all rest easy, I know some of you were concerned that Evan and I weren't really getting the full newlywed experience due to the quality of our first home together, so let me assure your our new place is fully adorned in seventies decor complete with  glitter popcorn ceilings, extremely tacky wallpaper, mustard yellow corduroy couches, and even a mustard yellow fridge to match (which happens to be in the hallway by the way....weird but an upgrade from the toilet in our closet I guess!). And guess what, we are extremely grateful for all of it!

The bad: Um, hi in case you missed the pictures, our house is destroyed! Along with the majority of our personal belongings, furniture, all the kitchen appliances and a couple of laptops and irreplaceable photo books and journals to boot.

The ugly: Dealing with the insurance. All I have to say to you is, get renter's insurance. Get it. And get it with a good company. Ask me if you want a recommendation on one. Be familiar with your policy, I promise its worth all $13.00/month.

But most importantly I just want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who helped out. To my sweet mom who hopped on a plane and showed up to help clear out the house and move us to our new place. To Richard and Marilyn for helping me get here in the first place. To cute Todd who heard we had a flood and came over with a couple of fans to help dry the carpet. Well we didn't use those, but he did a lot more than that. To my wonderful big brother Zander, Aunt JeNee, and cousin Cassidy for packing and moving my entire life. To Tom who had to cut his sun bathing session short to wade through mold. To my amazing relief society president for showing up to help during complete chaos. To Christian and Sarah for helping us with everything, and to countless friends and family for encouraging phone calls, texts, and emails offering to help or just sharing love. We survived! And we never could have done any of it without your help.

So on to a new house and new adventures. Would you believe me if I told our new neighbors' kids were selling lemonade at a little stand the day we moved in? Because they were! And that's how I knew it was going to be okay.


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