What are you doing after graduation?

We get this question a lot. Especially lately. Like people expect us to know what we are doing with our lives considering we are done with school in 47 days. Weird. Well, our response is usually something like:

"uh...Ask us again in a couple months!"  or   "That's what we'd like to know."

 So here. Let me give you a visual to help you understand just what we are dealing with.

Right now we are about here:

Almost at the top of the torturous slow climb. But blindfolded, naturally. Waiting to see whats on the other side of this hill. Well as far as I can see it there are 3 options.

Option 1: We are blessed enough to be hired by the Church in December and Evan will start teaching wherever they assign him in January (my personal favorite, prayers welcome!). I imagine that would feel something like this:

A nice and scary free fall, but a wonderful thrill.
Everyone is smiling, fists in the air, victory! We did it! All that stuff.

Option 2: The Church says thank you, but no thank you and we start from scratch. I imagine that would feel something more like this:

A nasty little plunge into the unknown. Yikes. But we'd survive.

And Option 3: The Church says, keep trying. We'll see again in April. In which case I will feel most certainly like this:
Get me off this ride.

What we do know is that there are more things in our life that are certain than the things that are uncertain, and they are more important anyway like our faith our families and our marriage. And luckily, we have the Lord on our side, so whatever ride He decides to send us on, we know it will be right. So we take a lot of comfort in that, knowing we aren't alone. Unlike this guy.

Good luck buddy.

And other than that, we'll keep you posted!

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  1. Love this and I can't wait to find out where yall will end up! Can we personally start a seminary teacher fund in Texas?

  2. I love this too!! I will send prayers your way! LOVE you both!

  3. Ha. Your pictures are hilarious! I think we understand how you feel when Curtis graduates. p.s. When are we having dinner??


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